The Infant Pilgrim


keisei awa no naruto

keisei awa no naruto

Written by Hanji Chikamatsu, Saburobei Takemoto, Heizo Yoshida, etc., this play was first staged at the Takemotoza Theatre in 1768.

The Pilgrim's Song


Jurobei, formerly a samurai serving the Lord of Awa (part of Shikoku), now lives in Osaka with his wife Oyumi in order to devote himself to the search for the lord's stolen sword. He has changed his name to Ginjuro and joined a group of thieves. One day a letter is brought to his home warning him that some members of his gang have been arrested and advising him to escape as soon as possible.

His wife Oyumi hears a little girl sing a pilgrims' song in front of her house. Sympathizing with the girl traveling alone, Oyumi asks about her family and finds to her surprise that the girl is none other than her own daughter Otsuru whom she had handed to the care of her relatives when she left Awa with her husband. Oyumi, however, refrains from revealing her true identity to the daughter lest the girl should also be involved in the family trouble when her father is apprehended.

Oyumi gives money to her daughter and advises her to return to her native place as soon as possible.

Jurobei's House


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