The Maple Viewing Party



momiji gari

This is a play based on an ancient legend of Shinano Province. The samisen music for it was composed by Juzo Tsuruzawa and the choreography was undertaken by Juemon Fujima.

On his visit to Mount Togakushi to see the crimson maple leaves at their finest, Koremochi Taira, a young general of the Heike Clan, hears koto music being played inside a curtained enclosure among maple trees.

Feeling curious but refraining from the rudeness of peeping in. Koremochi is about to pass by it when a beautiful lady named princess Sarashina appears from it and invites him to join her maple viewing party.

With ladies-in-waiting in attendance, the princess offers sake to Koremochi. As he drinks cup after cup the charming hostess performs a dance to entertain him. Koremochi is intoxicated and falls asleep. The princess glides away together with her ladies-in-waiting.

The God of the Mountain appears and tells Koremochi in his dream that the princess is in fact the demoness of Mount Togakushi and that his life is in danger. Koremochi wakes with a start and springs up as the "princess" reappears in her true shape. The demoness tries to take him to her hideout but Koremochi, after a fierce struggle, succeeds in thrusting her through the body.

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