The Ridge-Pole of the Sanjusangendo Temple

supernatural samurai willow tree hawk sanjuusangendou 三十三間堂



sanjusangendo munagi no yurai

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A story about a samurai's unusual relationship with a willow tree.

The House of Heitaro


Heitaro now lives with his wife Oryu and their five-year-old son Midorimaru. Oryu is, in fact, the spirit of the willow. She assumed human shape and married Heitaro in gratitude for his saving of the tree. When the willow tree is felled to be used as the ridge-pole of the Sanjusangendo Temple, Oryu suddenly dies after telling her true identity to her husband.

The Lumber Carriers' Song


On its way to the construction site, the giant willow log ceases to move no matter how hard the laborers try to draw it. When, however, Midorimaru, the "willow's son," pulls on the rope the log immediately glides into movement.

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